What is an Esports Agency?

Esports is big, but not everyone realizes the potential of including this market in their brand development strategy. But it’s 2020, so it’s time to examine why esports agencies could be the best thing for your brand going forward.

They used to be called video games, and they don’t get that much respect. Even today, it is not widely realized that video games are indeed sports that should be taken seriously. They have definitely come a long way since Pong and Pac-Man’s early days. Video games today are big and big business! Even at first, the game’s popularity spurred on technology, which, in turn, improved gameplay. There are always opportunities for branding and marketing to be part of the conversation as well, and esports agencies can help to move things forward in a certain direction. And they have, because today’s esports is nothing like the first video games.

What has changed with esports?

Esports is a form of competition using video games. The players, once amateurs, have risen to become professional athletes, sponsored, thanks to live streaming, and the game has become professional too. Esports agencies can help present investment opportunities for brands, game manufacturers, players and fans.

Where did the money come from?

Esports is becoming a billion dollar industry, and players compete for cash, for glory, and for support. There are live spectators, those who buy tickets to watch their favorite play a big live tournament at the stadium, and spectators watching at home; online just as big. Esports has grown beyond the perception of video game geeks into something everyone wants to break into. There has even been talk of it being an Olympic event, so its potential has definitely been recognized, hence the next esports agency uprising. Surprisingly, although video game sports competitions are always around, not everyone has never heard of esports, or realized how popular it is. And it’s only getting bigger, according to esports.net.

How can an esports agency help?

Digital marketing, or creative advertising agencies, can help brands navigate this ‘new’ world. Esports marketing agencies connect players with sponsors, or can find creative marketing opportunities within them. Esports agencies can help brands invest in this emerging market, where there are as many ways to invest and spend as they exist in any professional sport.

So, what will the esports agency do in 2020?

One of the reasons that not everyone has heard of the possible size of esports marketing may be because the demographics of fans, as well as the players, tend to be a much younger crowd, so an agency that can connect to that group should be someone with their finger firmly on this pulse. and its potential. There are great opportunities for esports agencies here. Audiences for esports are particularly engaged with games, players and the market. Esports is accessible to everyone, and players can start from scratch, join at any time. There are still players who are growing their abilities as fans, playing at home.

Esports agencies can follow the world, and they follow trends. Esports agencies know where the money is, where the jobs are, and where the current trend is headed.

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